Andalusia Music Festivals

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Andalusia Music Festivals March-August, annually!

Annual festivals take place in different cities in Andalusia (southern Spain) from March until July, open for all music ensembles -focusing on choral, classical and contemporary music-. During 2021, we will emphasize the Age of Discovery -the first circumnavigation of Earth by Magellan and Elcano, departing from Sanlucar de Barrameda in Cadiz in 1519 and returning three years later to Seville-.  Andalucia was the trading gateway to and from America, and the splendour of that period is reflected in its architecture; from beautiful renaissance churches and Cathedrals to monasteries, medieval castles and palaces where we would love to present your ensembles.

This festival takes place in several cities such as Granada, Ronda, Seville, Jerez, Cadiz, Malaga and Almeria, or towns such as Alcala la Real, Guadix, Ronda, Ecija, Sanlucar de Barrameda, Jerez de la Frontera and Ubeda.

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