Concert Tours in Spain

We’ve provided combined concert/festival organization and management, as well as travel services for Amateur and Professional ensembles, bands, choirs and orchestras since 1995 in Spain and Portugal.

Our goal is to offer each musical group the opportunity to tour and perform in Spain.

As experienced musical and travel agents, and festival organizers, we are partners with orchestra/choral directors and artistic management companies, as well as some of the most prestigious festivals. We also collaborate with and cultural public institutions and authorities from around the Iberian Peninsula to ensure the best conditions for your performance group tours.

Choral Tours In Spain

Spain is a historic country with a large choral tradition that dates from its middle ages. From the Cantigas of King Alfonso the Wise to the Gregorian Chants by the monks of Silos in Burgos or its splendour times of the Spanish empire and Palestrina or Tomas Luis de Victoria.

Orchestra Tours in Spain

Thinking on touring with your orchestra in Spain? We had worked closely with youth orchestras organizing concert tours in Spain and Portugal for many years. Spain has a rich music tradition and your orchestra could travel easily between cities all year round. Amateur young choirs can perform in local conservatories, schools and auditoriums and semi-professional orchestras will be invited to play in beautiful concert halls and theatres during the winter-spring season.

Wind Band Tours in Spain

Spain has a long tradition in Music and especially in wind instruments and marching bands. Valencia is one the most traditional regions in Spain where every single village has a local band and towns are divided into two bands and half part of its population belongs and proudly play on one of them.

Jazz Ensembles in Spain

Besides our work with large groups and ensembles, we helped during the past 20 years many small ensembles to organize their concert tours around Spain and to be part of some prestige music festivals.

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