The Birth of Flamenco Cool

One of the best guys in the hood is my friend Thomas Schindowsky. Within a short paseo from home, I arrive at my second house, the Rock Palace for a beer and to meet with Thomas and Ruben and talk about jazz musicians in Spain and Madrid where he came from Germany many years ago becoming Madrilenian. He created his company Youkali and managed almost all of the jazz musicians in Spain for over a decade

I am writing this my first post while listening to  “ The Birth of Flamenco Cool” album and I am enjoying it so much that want to share it with you.

Great selection of the best jazz players from Spain from Ole Swing, to  Afrodisian Orchestra,  Taylan Pota, David Tavares, Jerry Gonzalez,  the great percussion of Pentax or Bandolero on Cajon,  Enriquito on trumpet…   Jazz with pure  “Palos flamencos“ as  “bulerias” or “rumbas” or “tangos” or fissioning melodies with copla, Arab, Flamenco, Latin, or Samba.

All played by this selection of musicians that talks about the Jazz in Madrid and Spain.

This will be my first post of this new time and first in Perform in Spain which recently launched our new web site.

Due to COVID, all concerts including Pueblos Blancos Music Festival were canceled so we will love to post some news about Spanish music life today and about what goes on for the coming future, so we do HOPE it will be all reset soon again.

Hope you will enjoy this album “The Birth of the Flamenco Cool“ 

Josu Camacho


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